Prof Darcy du Toit

Prof Darcy du Toit

Darcy du Toit is an Emeritus Professor and former Dean of Law at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa. He currently coordinates the Labour Law 4.0 niche area in the Faculty of Law (which is affiliated to the Labour Law Research Network) and is a co-investigator on FAIRWORK in the Platform Economy in the Global South in association with the universities of Oxford, Manchester and Cape Town. His research has focused on workplace democratisation, employment equity, strike law, domestic work (contributing to the adoption of ILO Convention 189 of 2011 on domestic workers) and more recently on digital platform work. As a practitioner he has worked as a labour arbitrator and remains a consultant to Bradley Conradie Halton Cheadle Attorneys, a firm specialising in labour law. Internationally, he has served inter alia as a Vice-President of the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law and member of the advisory board of the European Labour Law Network.

Publications 2014–2018


(with Marleen Potgieter) Unfair Discrimination in the Workplace (Juta, Claremont, 2014)

Edited and co-authored books

Labour Relations Law: A Comprehensive Guide 6th edition (with Shane Godfrey, Carole Cooper, Graham Giles, Tamara Cohen, Bradley Conradie and Anton Steenkamp) LexisNexis 2015

Labour Law Through the Cases (LexisNexis, Durban, looseleaf, 2014–2018) Issues 23 to 33 (with Tammy Cohen, Anton Steenkamp, Graham Giles, Marion Fouché, Winnie Everett and Piet van Staden)

Chapters in books

‘The right to strike in South Africa’ in Bernd Waas (ed) The Right to Strike – A Comparative View (Kluwer Law International, Alphen aan den Rijn, 2014) chapter 25.

(with Cooney, S., Fragale, R., Ronnie, R and Sankaran, K.) “Building BRICS for Growth?: Chapter 14 in Matthew W. Finkin & Guy Mundlak (eds) Comparative Labor Law (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK • Northampton. MA. USA, 2015)

“Recognition of the right to strike (terms and conditions apply)”: Chapter 15 in Roger Blanpain & Frank Hendrickx (eds) and Darcy du Toit (Guest editor) Labour Law and Social Progress: Holding the line or shifting boundaries? (Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations – 92, Kluwer Law International, 2016)

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Journal articles

(with Roger Ronnie) ‘Regulating the Informal Economy: Unpacking the Oxymoron’ (2014) 35 Industrial Law Journal 1802

‘Protection against Unfair Discrimination: Cleaning up the Act?’ (2014) 35 Industrial Law Journal 2623

‘The extension of Bargaining Council Agreements: Do the Amendments Address the Constitutional Challenge?’ (2014) 35 Industrial Law Journal 2637

“’Affirmative action’ or ‘positive action’ in the employment context: Comparing the interpretation of ‘equality’ by the European Court of Justice with that of the South African Constitutional Court” (2015) 36 Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal 423

(with Thierry Galani Tiemeni) “Do Cooperatives Offer a Basis for Worker Organisation in the Domestic Sector? An Exploratory Study (2015) 36 ILJ 1677

“The Right to Equality versus Employer ‘Control’ and Employee ‘Subordination’: Are Some More Equal Than Others?” (2016) 37 ILJ 1

“Freedom of Association, Majoritarianism, and the Rights of Minority Unions” International Labor Rights Case Law 3 (2017) 297

“Should precarious work be the focus of labour law?” in (2018) 39 Industrial Law Journal 2089-2106.

[with Jacobs, M. and Ronnie, R.] “Revisiting Strikes in Essential Services” in (2018) 39 Industrial Law Journal 2131-2147.

[with Godfrey, S. and Jacobs, M.] “The New Labour Bills: An Overview and Analysis” in (2018) 39 Industrial Law Journal 2161

“Platform work and social justice” (2019) 40 ILJ 1

Research reports

(with Jacobs M., Godfrey S., Ronnie R. and Mullagee F.) “An investigation into how non-standard and informal workers can address their vulnerability – A case study of the Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain townships” (Labour and Enterprise Policy Research Group, University of Cape Town, and Social Law Project, University of the Western Cape, March 2017). Personal contribution: “Moving towards an inclusive regulatory framework”.

(with Benya A., Tame B., Chinguno C., Jacobs M., Godfrey S., Lorgat A., Collier C., Fergus, E., Ronnie R., Mullagee F. and Basson Y) “International Labour Organization Future of Work Initiative: South Africa” (Labour and Enterprise Policy Research Group, University of Cape Town, and Social Law Project, University of the Western Cape, March 2017). Personal contribution: lead researcher and lead author for Theme 3 of the report: “The Organization of Work and Production”.